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Welcome to Shaawinihan Outfitters!

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Meegwich, Thank you for considering Shaawinihan Outfitters for your goose hunting in the Ottawa and Seaway Valleys of Eastern Ontario.

Here at Shaawinihan Outfitters, we have many years of experience hunting geese and have helped many Cree hunters in the past have successful hunts. If you decide to hunt with us, we provide roughly 100 decoys, five Fast-Strike blinds, a place to clean your geese, garbage bags, running water and freezers to keep your geese in, while you are with us. We know the Cree are good callers and we welcome you to call your own geese.

Please see our information page for detailed information about each hunt.

* Please note, our hunts are available for non-natives*

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Please be sure and contact us to arrange for delivery or pick up of items.


If you wish to hunt with us, you will need a permission letter from the Algonquin Tribes, as this is required by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. We will provide you with all the information you need to obtain this permission.

Accommodations can be arranged if needed but please let us know when you book your hunt. Transportation, meals and accommodations are your responsibility.

We have many acres of proven goose hunting territories in the Ottawa and Seaway Valleys and our fields consist of corn, barley, soybeans and grass.

We ask that you sign a waiver to protect our land owners and ourselves from liability while hunting.

Also, we leave the land like we find it so Please no littering and all empty shell casings must be picked up before we leave the fields.


Our rates are $200.00 per day/per hunter.

If there are less than 4 hunters you could be required to hunt with another group


We ask for a deposit of 50% down upon booking.
Your hunt will NOT be booked until your deposit is received.
Deposits must be received by March 1st for spring hunts and Sept.1st for fall hunts or your hunt will be cancelled.

Deposits can not be transferred to other hunters in your group what so ever.

Please note - deposits are transferable to other dates but non-refundable.

Deposits - Interact E-transfers
Remainder of money owed MUST be paid upon arrival.

Be sure to visit us on Facebook by following the link below:

Please note, our hunts are available for non-natives

Equipment and Supplies

Here is a list of supplies you can bring on your hunt with Shaawinihan Outfitters. Some of these items are optional and may not include everything you wish to bring on your hunt. Please feel free to bring other hunting related items in addition to this list. *Please note* - The Permission Letter from Algonquin's as well as Status Cards are not optional. You must have both of these in order to hunt with us.

- Permission Letter from the Algonquin's
- Status Cards
- Goose Calls (optional)
- Firearms and Ammo
- Trigger Locks and Gun Cases
- Camo Clothing
- Hip Waders or Waterproof Boots

Equipment and Supplies used by Shaawinihan Outfitters

At Shaawinihan Outfitters, we strive to use the best equipment and supplies for our customers. Below you will find a few of the logos of the equipment we use on each of our hunts as well as the individuals who support us.

Contact Shaawinihan Outfitters

We'd love to hear from you, whether you are planning to book us for hunting, or just have a question to ask.

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